Three-car metal garages are knocking the socks off of the market currently. It is reported that 33% of the United States residents want to have a three-car garage, regardless of the number of cars they own. These trendy garages can keep your vehicles, equipment, and other possessions safe.

These garages can be attached and detached; whatever option you’re looking for, you must know the uses and benefits of a steel 3-car garage kits.

As the name implies, three-car metal garages are used for securing a maximum of three cars. These metal buildings secure the cars from high winds and severe weather conditions. The standard measurement of car garages is 32 feet wide and 22 feet deep. However, they can be customized into different sizes.

Moreover, these garages offer tons of benefits without costing a king’s ransom.

This blog discloses the inside out of a 3 car metal garage. Let’s get into detail without any ado. Erecting Three Car Garage Using Steel Building Kit

Steel buildings serve a number of purposes, from a car garage to a storage facility, living accommodation to offices, play areas, hobby shops, and more.

Erecting a three-car garage isn’t over one’s head because the steel building kits have made the construction as easy as rolling off a log. However, the steel prices and quality of the kits define the cost of installing; for instance, low-quality kits become cost-intensive in subsequent years as they require daily maintenance.

If you’re looking forward to buying a durable and premium quality steel building kit, Maverick Steel Buildings is the leading name in the market. It will deliver the pre-engineered kits to your desired location.

Note: Maverick Steels don’t construct the buildings. The kit is delivered to the location, from where the customers either erect the building by themselves or connect to a contractor.

Uses of Steel Structures

Isn’t it hard to maintain a fancy garage with dazzling lights, fresh coats of paints, convenient cabinets, and shelves lined across the wall?

Yes, but a refined and organized garage that supports your fun activities and lifestyle is also essential.

The steel structure offers loads of uses;

Turn the Place into a Warehouse

    The steel garages can serve the purpose of warehouses. It can be used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, or a household to store some spare goods.

    Transform it into a Studio

      Steel car garages are easy to expand and redesign. You can add multiple features to your garage and turn it into a studio, for instance, make it soundproof, bring the necessary equipment for your DIY music studio, and Ta-da! Enjoy!

      Use It as Home Office

        You’ve been doing work from home, and the house spun around with clatter. Don’t you worry; convert your garage into a home office by brushing up the walls, installing lighting, and adding essentials.

        Make it Your Auto Shop

        Not using the garage for parking your vehicles? Add vertical space, cabinets, paint the floor, install machinery and equipment, and convert the garage into an auto shop.

        Need a Guest House? Use Your Garage

        Do you want a snuggly room for guests who are coming over to stay with you? Be quick and use your garage as a guest house. Painting the floor, beautiful wall frames, mat outside the garage, the ventilation system, and a bed can transform your garage into an attractive, cozy guest house.

        steel building erecting

        Benefits of a Steel Three-car Garage

        These steel structures for car garages offer old-school styles along with easy installation, low maintenance, and prolonged life. It offers countless benefits.

        Ample Space

          Steel garage got ahead of traditional wooden garages that were difficult to build and expand. Steel three-car garages offer enough space to spare, which can be utilized to keep pretty much all the stuff that is occupying unnecessary space in your home or office.

          Keep Your Vehicles Safe

            Triple car garages are valued over single-car garages. They not only save your cars from gloomy weather, heavy winds, rainfall, and snowfall but also offer flexibility to use them for personal use.

            Adds Value to your House

              Garages, either attached or detached, add value and significant storage space to your house. It helps in attracting potential buyers and generates approximately 81% return on your investment. In other words, these garages increase the resale value of the house by $21,000.


              These all-purpose metal buildings can save you from paying extra bucks to the storage companies. These are big enough to hold your possessions for a longer time. Moreover, you can convert them into a guest house, play area, study room, gym, or entertainment facility.

              Choose whatever option you like and utilize it smartly.

              steel building erecting

              Accessories Your Three-Car garage

              Garages are much more than a car protecting shelter. And the right accessories can make the usage more convenient and easy. These accessories can also be customized as per the need.

              Following accessories can be added to your three-car garage;

              Door Windows

                Door windows allow the garage to brighten up with natural lighting. They make the area look fresh and pleasant. Moreover, these windows decrease the chances of theft and burglary.


                  Do you want extra space in your garage for accommodation or office work? Accessorize it with a loft!

                  Available in different styles, sizes, and colors, lofts are effective in taking advantage of unoccupied space.

                  Roll-up Doors

                    Roof styles add captivating beauty to the garage. It catches eyes with enchanting colors. These roof styles include a flat roof, gambrel roof, butterfly roof, shed roof, M-shaped roof, dormer roof, and more.

                    Roof Styles

                    These all-purpose metal buildings can save you from paying extra bucks to the storage companies. These are big enough to hold your possessions for a longer time. Moreover, you can convert them into a guest house, play area, study room, gym, or entertainment facility.

                    Choose whatever option you like and utilize it smartly.


                    Insulation prevents the garage from being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Add insulation to stabilize the temperature.

                    Interior View Of Pre-Engineered Metal Building With High Clearance Steel Beams And Custom Windows

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