Maverick Steel Buildings provides exceptional customer service and cost-effective steel garage kits. Our pre-engineered metal aircraft hangar buildings are built with 100% American Made Steel and offer you a variety of customization options.

Custom Designed Steel Aircraft Hangars

Maverick Steel Buildings provides pre-engineered metal hangar kits that are built with high-quality 100% American Made Steel that ensures your building lasts a lifetime. Our customization options give you the freedom to create the steel hangar design of your dreams. Metal aircraft hangar kits are designed to ensure your safety with our gusseted joints and heavy-duty framing.

Custom Designed Steel Aircraft Hangars
Large Pre-engineered Metal Aircraft Hangar Interior With Private Air Plane

From Kit to Hangar, With American Pride

Customizable finishes, side entry doors, bi-fold doors, and windows allow you to adapt your aircraft hangar to any application. With an unlimited selection of options to choose from, Maverick Steel Buildings will build the perfect metal aircraft hangar for your needs. Also, galvanized steel is resistant to termites, fire, mold, and more – meaning your investment is protected.

Cost-Effective Metal Aircraft Hangar Kits

Maverick Steel Buildings’ high-quality steel structure building kits give you peace of mind knowing your investment has the strength and durability to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, damage, and use. Our robust steel structure kits feature clear span framing that provides the column-free interiors and high ceilings that aircraft hangars require for proper storage.

Large Pre-Engineered Metal Aircraft Hangar With Private Air Plane
steel building airplane hangar

Maverick Steel Buildings manufactures and installs Steel Aircraft Hangar Kits to your specifications.

Steel Framed Airplane Hangar

Our metal hangars are custom designed to meet all local building code requirements based on the zip code for your shipping location. From heavy wind, rain, and high snow loads to earthquakes – Maverick Steel Buildings stand up to the test. Additionally, with an attractive variety of energy-efficient material options, you’ll be able to find what works best for the needs of your steel aviation building system.

Steel Aircraft Hangars: Where You Can Fly High

Maverick Steel Buildings offers a variety of steel aircraft hangar kits that are constructed with 100% American-made steel. Our pre-engineered metal aircraft hangars offer customization options for all types of needs and applications. Whether you’re looking to buy an affordable steel aircraft hangar kit or need assistance in design, Maverick Steel Buildings has the right solution for you!

Red 30 by 40 Steel Building With One 10x10 Door And one Standard Walk In Door
Front propellor plane parked in a metal building kit hangar

Get the Aircraft Hangar Kit You Need for Less

Maverick Steel Buildings provides steel aircraft hangar kits to meet the needs of any size airport – from commercial to residential use. We provide 100% American-made steel and have a variety of customization options available for our customers including color, windows, façade, insulation, and door options. Our pre-engineered metal aircraft hangars are designed with simplicity in mind, making them easy to install and assemble.

Maverick Steel Buildings: Quality and Affordability

We also offer an array of siding options, insulation, and roofing options to make your steel aircraft hangar project look as good on the outside as it does on the inside. At Maverick Steel Buildings, we believe in being more than just another steel building company; we are true partners with our customers. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about your building kit.

Custom Designed Steel Aircraft Hangars
steel building hangar doors

When you’re looking for a steel Airplane Hangar Kit, don’t settle for anything less than Maverick Steel Buildings.

Your One-Stop Shop for a Customized Airplane Hangar

Maverick Steel Buildings is a recognized industry leader in manufacturing high-quality steel aircraft hangar kits. We offer galvanized steel and painted steel siding options for your metal aircraft hangar building kit. All of our steel is 100% American-made – you can trust the Maverick Steel Buildings name! We work with you every step of the way, making sure that not only do you get exactly what you need but that we have a part in helping make your dream come true.

Pre-Engineered Metal Aircraft Hangars

Metal aircraft hangar kits are designed to ensure your safety with our gusseted joints and heavy-duty framing. Maverick Steel Buildings is here to provide a quality, cost-effective aircraft hangar steel building for you. Our metal aircraft hangars are built in accordance with ASCE 31/33 and UL142 standards, ensuring that your safety is our number one priority.

Large Pre-Engineered Metal Building
airplane hangar steel building with aircraft

Customizable Steel Aircraft Hangar Buildings for Any Budget

Our steel building kits come equipped with leak-proof roofs, solid doors and more so you can be sure your needs will be met when selecting the aircraft hangar of your dreams. Maverick Steel Buildings is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service and metal aircraft hangar kits available.

Maverick Steel Buildings – Metal Aircraft Hangar Kits

If you’re looking for heavy-duty framing, long life, and ease of installation for your aircraft hangar – then we are your choice. Maverick Steel Buildings has many years of experience in the industry and can offer you high-quality steel structures that will be sure to meet all your needs. We have been trusted by customers across the Southeastern United States with our exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

Interior View Of Pre-Engineered Metal Building With High Clearance Steel Beams And Custom Windows
Large Custom Pre-Engineered Metal Building With Loaded Pickup Truck And Trailer Parked In Front. Custom Doors, Windows

Get Your Steel Aircraft Hangar Kit!

Maverick Steel Buildings’ team of qualified metal building kit professionals is standing by ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your aircraft hangar project. Reach out to our office today to learn more about what we can do for you and have your steel aircraft hangar kit priced by the experts.

Why Choose Maverick Steel Buildings

Building Custom Metal Structures Is Our Specialty


Safety And Durability – Fire Resistant Metal Buildings Last A Lifetime


Customizable To Any Use – From Storage To Engine Repair


Faster And Easier To Construct Than Traditional Methods


High Clearances – Perfect For Single Engine Or Helicopters


Cost Savings – Much More Cost-Efficient Than Traditional Building Materials


100% American Made Steel – Supporting A Network Of American Businesses


Maintenance Free – No Need To Paint Or Patch


Attractive Building Finish In A Wide Variety Of Options And Colors


Environmentally Friendly – 25-35% Of Our Materials Are Recyclable


Simple And Cost-Effective To Expand When You Need More Storage And Work Space

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

We take great pride in a job well done. Many of our satisfied customers have taken the time to write about their experience with Maverick Steel Buildings. Here is what they had to say.

Jeff T

...All aspects of the project were superb examples of customer service and product quality. I now have a building I will enjoy as a workshop for many years to come. If you need a steel building done right the first time, call Taylor at Maverick Steel Buildings...

50 x 100 Steel Buildings

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40 x 60 Steel Buildings

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40 x 40 Steel Buildings

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