Agricultural Steel Buildings

Whether you are looking to erect a modified pole barn or a large farm equipment storage building design, Maverick Steel Buildings can supply a high-quality steel building kit to fit your application.

Agricultural Steel Buildings Sizes

Agricultural Steel Buildings Applications

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Whether you are looking to erect a modified pole barn or a large farm equipment storage building design, Maverick Steel Buildings can supply a high-quality steel building kit to fit your application.

Maverick Steel Buildings provide steel-framed farm buildings with full customization options in regard to size, finish, or accessories. Our agricultural metal buildings offer solid protection that farmers and ranchers can trust.

Whether for hay, machinery, livestock, or vehicle storage, steel farm buildings provide the greatest protection from all hazards including tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other severe weather. 

Additionally, metal buildings are safe from mold, water damage, and termites, unlike traditional wood construction. Our steel agricultural buildings can be customized with any finish or accessory to fit your needs.


Steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular for barns, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, steel buildings are highly durable and resistant to weathering. They are resistant to fire, pests, and other hazards. Steel buildings can also be designed to meet specific size and shape requirements.

Hay Barns

Steel buildings are the perfect choice for hay barns, offering numerous advantages over traditional building materials. Steel buildings offer superior fire resistance as well, ensuring that your valuable hay crops remain safe from harm.

Horse Arena

Steel buildings are an excellent choice for a Horse Arena due to their superior strength and durability. Steel buildings are incredibly robust and built to last, making them ideal for this type of construction. They are also able to withstand the elements, including strong winds and heavy rain.

Horse Stables

Steel buildings are an ideal choice for horse stables, offering many benefits over traditional building materials. Steel is incredibly tough and can withstand all types of weather, including snow and high winds. Steel buildings are also easy to customize with various colors and textures to fit your aesthetic needs.

Pole Barns

Steel buildings are an ideal choice for Pole Barns due to their superior strength and durability. Steel-framed pole barns are incredibly strong and can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. They are also resistant to pests, rot, and fire, making them a very safe option for any project.

Large Pre-engineered Metal Horse Arena Interior With Grandstands And Steel Beams


Maverick Steel Buildings provides agricultural steel structures that feature clear span framing. This allows for customizable interiors and exteriors that maximize space for equipment such as combines, tractors, and implements that require high ceilings, large doors, and adequate clear-span space.

Steel building systems are the best answer to modern farming enterprises. Our top-quality materials and metal buildings are designed to fit your specific application and are manufactured in the USA from only the highest quality building materials. 100% American Made Steel buildings will last a lifetime.


Maverick Steel Buildings provides heavy-duty structural steel farm and agricultural buildings to farmers throughout the country. When living and working on a farm, storage is crucial. You need the right amount of space that will remain protected from rain, snow, high winds, and more.

100% American steel farm storage buildings are pest resistant and are designed to stand against the elements. With Maverick Steel Building’s custom-designed metal building options, you can specify the number and size of doors and windows that are needed to build the perfect structure for your needs.

From color options to insulation choices – you can personalize your building to fit your exact needs!

Modern Barns Pre-Engineered Agricultural Buildings
Steel Frame Building


Maverick Steel Buildings’ agricultural buildings are ideal for storing hay, equipment, or vehicles and for keeping your livestock safe and protected from hazards all around the farm. They are stronger, more durable and more sturdy than a wooden pole barn, and because they are made of steel, they last much longer. They also need very little maintenance and are easy to repair, should you ever need to.

Our steel storage buildings feature clear span framing, which allows for maximizing your space and having a column-free interior. Whether you’re looking for a steel pole barn or a large storage building, we have high-quality steel building kits to meet your design needs.


Metal barns and storage buildings are extremely durable and much stronger than other buildings. They hold up against harsh elements and various climates and need minimal maintenance. Steel farm buildings don’t rot, are pest and termite resistant, and are not as susceptible to mold and mildew as other materials. Many steel buildings can last for up to 60 or more years before needing to be replaced.

Steel buildings are less expensive than wood and don’t rack up the repair costs like wooden barns. They are more energy efficient and are easier to erect. Construction time is less for a steel building, and you can get a variety of configurations to meet your needs without having to wait for a special lengthy construction process.

Workers Contrusting a Pre Engineered Steel Building Kit
Dairy Farm Modern Pre-Engineered Agricultural Buildings


We provide cost-effective, steel-framed agricultural buildings that allow complete customization of size, finish, and accessories. Our metal buildings have been used as hay barns, storage buildings for machinery and vehicles, barns for livestock, horse stables, and even riding stables. They provide protection from the worst elements, including tornadoes and hurricanes.

The clear span framing design of our buildings gives you plenty of storage space inside. It also allows you to customize the interior so you can fit large machinery, such as combines and tractors. They can include oversized, large doors, and high ceilings with your building, giving you adequate space to store and room to drive into your steel building.


Specify what kind of doors, and how many of each, you’d like for your steel building. You can also include how many windows you’d like to create the perfect building for your needs.

Our buildings are made with high-quality red iron and are manufactured in the USA. We design our steel framed farm buildings for long-term use and durability, knowing that you have plenty of other farm chores to do. We use top-notch building materials, and each one is 100% American-made, so you have minimal maintenance on your building.

Large Pre-Engineered Metal Horse Arena Interior With Steel Beams


Erecting a metal building requires a lot of planning. Maverick Steel Buildings offers the highest quality metal building kits in a variety of sizes and specifications. From metal mini storage buildings and metal garage kits, to metal barn kits and aircraft hangers – our customer service representatives will help you design the ideal metal building solution to fit your needs.

It is essential to plan and prepare for each aspect of your building project to ensure everything goes as smoothly as it can. Maverick Steel Building systems are custom-designed to work in your location. We take the average snow load and high wind speeds in your area into account to ensure your building is designed to meet or exceed your location’s building codes.


This phase consists of determining the location of your steel building and what zoning and building code requirements there may be. Decide what your square footage should be and what accessories are needed. Now is the time to do your research to get a good idea of what you want in your steel building.


During the design process, our team concentrates on strategic planning, building choices, space planning, and adherence to specialty compliance codes and regulations. The turnaround time on drawings for your steel building kit is 3 times faster than industry standards, usually around 1 week.


Maverick Steel Buildings prefabricated 100% American made steel buildings can be shipped to any location in the continental United States. Special care is taken with our shipped materials. They are nested together for economical shipping and to protect the product from the elements.


We have supplied heavy-duty agricultural steel buildings to farmers and ranchers across the country. We know our buildings will keep your assets protected from the rain, snow, sleet, winds, and other elements that come with farm life. Our buildings are safe, fire resistant, and made with 25% or more recyclable materials. Our steel buildings are more energy efficient and last much longer than traditional wooden buildings.

People are important to us, and we work hard to let our customers know how valuable they are. We believe in providing the ultimate customer experience every time we interact with you. We’ll work with you to determine exactly what your building specifications are, and then we’ll be sure to deliver and build to your exact specifications.

If you have questions or are considering a steel building project in the near future, contact our team today! We’d love to chat with you about what we can do to make your building process easy and save you money.

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Building Custom Metal Structures Is Our Specialty.


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