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Maverick Steel Buildings provides 100×60 indoor basketball court steel building kits that are easy to assemble and install. Our kits come with everything you need to construct the basketball court of your dreams, including steel frames, walls, roofing, doors, and more.

Indoor Basketball Court Steel Buildings Sizes

60×100 Steel Buildings

Recreational Steel Buildings Applications

Professional basketball player in action inn an indoor basketball court

Custom Designed 100×60 Indoor Basketball Court Metal Buildings

A 100×60 indoor basketball court steel building can house a full-size facility with a minimized footprint. A regulation basketball court is 94×50 feet, making the 6,000-square-foot steel building ideal for a basketball gym for practice, recreation, or personal use.

Outdoor courts are unprotected against the wind, rain, cold weather, and darkness. With a 100×60 indoor basketball court metal building, you can avoid these problems and play uninterrupted at any time of day or night, regardless of the weather outside.

Pre-Engineered Basketball Court Buildings with 6,000 Sq Ft of Interior Space

Pre-engineered metal buildings are superior to timber or stone structures. They stand up to the elements better, require less maintenance, and provide energy-efficient operation. If you are going to invest in a sports facility or recreational building, metal gives you the best overall value due to its longevity and low operating costs. 

Steel buildings provide an airtight seal because they do not twist or bend like wood-framed structures. This structural integrity lowers the cost of heating and cooling the building.

Indoor basketball hoop from below in a metal building
Man playing basketball, basketball hoop, indoor basketball steel building

Custom 100×60 Steel Basketball Courts – Sports Facilities Built for You

Metal buildings provide almost unlimited flexibility. In addition to indoor basketball courts, you can house other facilities inside a 6,000-square-foot structure. For example, metal buildings are ideal for indoor tennis courts.

You might also use a 100×60 recreational steel building for general-use sports facilities, indoor tennis courts, gymnastics facilities, or event space. You can equip the structure with a sound system and lighting and use it to host events, from concerts to lectures to school dances.

For example, a 100×60 metal building can function as a riding arena with a dirt surface for horse riding. The size of this building can also work to cover swimming pools or another type of aquatics facility. With customization options like garage doors, windows, color choices, insulation levels, and more – you can create the perfect structure for your needs.

Prefabricated 100×60 Steel Basketball Court Kit

If you work with Maverick Steel Buildings Inc, you will also enjoy a streamlined construction process. We can pre-engineer your structure using state-of-the-art software. These digital tools reduce the preparation and design time and ensure all the details are correct before work begins. Our designers will also take local ordinances into account to ensure your building meets all codes.

We source our steel from trusted suppliers, ensuring you get the best building materials. Quality metal gives you the longevity and low maintenance costs you expect from steel buildings. Finally, we prefabricate the structure and assemble it at your site before your interior contractor takes over to finish the project.

steel building indoor basketball hoop
Interior View Of Pre-Engineered Metal Basketball Court Recreational Facility School Gym

Make Your Basketball Court a Reality in No Time with Maverick Steel Buildings

A 100×60 indoor basketball court steel building is the ideal choice for a sports facility or recreational building. With pre-fabrication options from Maverick Steel Buildings Inc., your project will be completed quickly with minimal hassle. 

Whether you’re looking to build a full-size regulation basketball court, an arena for horse riding, or something else entirely – our team can help make it happen in no time at all! Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help turn your dream into reality.


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