120×70 Indoor Basketball Court Steel Building ‌

Maverick Steel Buildings provides 120×70 indoor basketball court steel building kits that are easy to assemble and install. Our kits come with everything you need to construct the basketball court of your dreams, including steel frames, walls, roofing, doors, and more.

Indoor Basketball Court Steel Buildings Sizes

Recreational Steel Buildings Applications

Professional basketball player in action inn an indoor basketball court

Custom Designed 120×70 Indoor Basketball Court Metal Building ‌Kits

A 120×70 indoor basketball court steel building provides the flexibility to play and practice day or night, year-round. Outdoor courts are exposed to wind, rain, extreme temperatures, and a lack of lighting. You can heat and cool recreational buildings and install lighting so that the conditions are always perfect.

Indoor basketball courts are an investment. Two considerations can help you get the most out of the upgrade: the choice of building materials and the features. A 120×70 indoor basketball court metal building can bring you value in both these areas.

Create a Multi-Purpose Sports Facility: 120×70 Indoor Basketball Court Steel Building Package

Metal buildings last longer and stand up to the elements better than wood or brick structures. If you work with a reliable company like Maverick Steel Buildings, you get high-quality materials and a pre-engineered structure. The design and components will stand up to local conditions and provide you with decades of use without major repairs.

A 120×70 indoor basketball court metal building is large enough to serve more than one purpose. You can easily create a multi-purpose sports facility. For example, in addition to a basketball gym, your steel building could provide space for indoor tennis courts or a fitness center

If you install wiring for a sound system, you can host performances, dances, or other events. Also, you can add mats and equipment to turn the courts into gymnastics facilities.

Indoor basketball hoop from below in a metal building
Man playing basketball, basketball hoop, indoor basketball steel building

Cost Effective & Energy Efficiency – 120×70 Steel Basketball Court Kits

The value of a metal building goes beyond its longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. If you place climate controls in your 120×70 indoor basketball court metal building, you’ll experience minimal energy loss. 

Wood, brick, and other materials settle, shift, and break down over time, creating gaps that let heated or cooled air escape. Because it does not twist, bend, or break down in this way, steel does not have this problem.

Achieve Maximum Performance with our 120×70 Indoor Basketball Court Steel Building

A 120×70 metal building provides enough space for a variety of activities. You can customize the facilities for indoor events of any kind. For example, this structure is large enough for indoor horse riding or to hold courts and equipment for other games or events. 

With a partner like Maverick, you create an indoor space that you can customize to fit your needs. We build your 120×70 indoor basketball court metal building, and if needed, we can assist you in finding a contractor to handle the interior features. 

They will install a maple or oak floor or add a synthetic surface to host basketball or other sports. Your contractor can also add bleachers, benches, lighting, and all the other furnishings necessary for a fully-functioning sports facility.

steel building indoor basketball hoop
Interior View Of Pre-Engineered Metal Basketball Court Recreational Facility School Gym

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At Maverick, we control quality by using state-of-the-art design software, sourcing superior materials for trusted suppliers, and pre-fabricating the sections before they get to the worksite. Our engineers consider all local building codes and requirements to ensure you get exactly what you need.


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