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Maverick Steel BUildings provides high-quality 100×100 distribution center steel buildings for businesses all across the country. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to design, manufacture and install a building that meets your exact requirements.

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100×100 Distribution Center Metal Building Kit with 10,000 Sq Ft of Column Free Space

When building a distribution center, you need something that is designed for efficiency and reliability. That’s exactly what you get when building with a 100×100 metal building kit with 10,000 sq ft of column-free space. 

This building kit’s expansive building size allows you to maximize your space and store all of your necessary materials in one place.  You can customize the building’s wall panels with framed openings for roll-up doors, walk-ins, windows, insulation, and other features to meet your exact specifications.

Prefabricated Metal Distribution Center Building Kits: 100 by 100

Our 100 x 100 metal building kits offer you the strength and durability needed for a distribution center. The steel structure is designed to withstand everyday operations in your facility as well as heavy equipment. We provide framed openings for roll-up doors, walk-ins, windows and other features that can be customized to meet your exact specifications.

We only use high-quality building materials that are rust and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Our prefabricated metal building kits are easy to install and can be erected quickly due to their modular design.

Our experienced team of professionals will guide you through the entire process, from initial design to final installation. We strive to ensure that your building meets all local and state codes while being cost-effective and energy efficient.

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We are Your One Stop Shop for 100 x 100 Metal Building Packages

We offer durable steel building kits designed to fit the specific size, location, and snow load requirements for your project. Our 100 x 100 metal buildings are resistant to pests, water, and even fire damage! Plus they are built to withstand bad weather conditions like driving rain, high winds, and heavy snow loads.

From single-story warehouses to multi-story distribution buildings, we can provide a metal building system that is sure to meet your needs. Our customer service team is standing by to make sure you have a good experience.

Pre Engineered 100*100 Steel Building System for Distribution Centers

Our 100 x 100 Steel Building Kit is ideal for distribution centers, allowing you to create an efficient, column-free space with 10,000 square foot of interior area. We offer a variety of building systems in many popular sizes that are perfect for distribution centers, metal garages, retail buildings, and industrial facilities of many kinds. 

Our customer service team is here to provide you with a great experience when it comes to constructing your distribution center. Contact us today to learn more about building costs, and get a free quote.

Large Pre-Engineered Metal Building With Custom Roll Up Doors, Side Entry Doors, Windows, Gutters, And Trim

Understanding Steel Building Costs of 100 x 100 Steel Distribution Center Buildings

When considering a 100×100 steel building, it’s essential to understand the various factors that influence costs. These include the price of raw steel, labor charges, and any customizations such as additional doors or specialized finishes. Detailed planning and budgeting are crucial as material costs can fluctuate, and customization options can vary widely in price.

Moreover, potential buyers should consider the scope of their project, including the foundation and assembly requirements, which can significantly affect the overall cost. By getting a comprehensive breakdown of these elements, clients can better prepare for the financial aspect of their building project.

Long-Term Benefits of Investing in a 100×100 Steel Building

Investing in a 100×100 steel building offers numerous long-term benefits. Notably, steel structures are renowned for their durability and resistance to environmental factors such as rust, pests, and fire. This resilience translates to lower maintenance costs and fewer repairs over the life of the building, enhancing overall cost-efficiency.

Additionally, the adaptability of steel buildings allows for easy modifications and expansions, which is invaluable for growing businesses. The inherent strength of steel also supports wider, clear-span interiors, making these buildings ideal for a variety of uses from warehouses to retail spaces, all while maintaining structural integrity.


Get Started on Your 100×100 Steel Building Project Today 

Embarking on a 100×100 steel building project is a significant investment that promises substantial returns. We encourage potential clients to contact our customer service team today for a detailed quote that considers all aspects of their project. Our experts are committed to providing support and guidance from the initial inquiry through to the project completion, ensuring that every client receives the best possible value and satisfaction.

By choosing Maverick Steel Buildings, you gain access to top-quality materials and customer service, ensuring that your new building meets all your needs. Don’t hesitate—reach out now to start planning your ideal 100×100 steel structure with the help of our knowledgeable team.


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25-35% of our materials are recyclable.

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