40X40 RV Garage Steel Buildings

Maverick Steel Buildings’ fully customizable 100% American-made steel framed buildings are perfect for RV storage space. Protect your vehicle and your investment with the durability of a 40×40 RV Garage Steel Building.

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40×40 Steel Buildings

Residential Steel Building Applications

Pre-Engineered Metal Garage Building With Side Entry Doors And Roll Up Garage Doors


The team at Maverick Steel Buildings offers our 40 x 40 steel structures that can withstand the heavy snow loads and hurricane-force winds that are common in many parts of the country. Our 40 x 40 steel buildings are a great choice for an RV Garage because of their cost-effectiveness and durability.

Our steel structures come with different garage door options and are highly customizable as offices, workshops, commercial metal buildings, and more. You can also add a vertical roof made of galvanized steel, or a roll-up door to design your dream metal garage building. Plus, our customer service team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience.


Our 40*40 metal buildings are made from high-quality, American-made steel that is designed to withstand the elements. The 40 x 40 metal building kit comes with the option to add an insulation layer to help keep your building at a comfortable temperature year-round.

Additionally, our metal structures are resistant to water, pests, and fire damage. Our prefab metal buildings featuring 1600 square feet are perfect for your needs whether you’re storing an RV or need a metal barn. Our building prices are based on a number of factors, including steel prices, location, and more – so call today to price your steel building project!

Pre-Engineered Metal Garage Building With Roll Up Garage Doors, Custom Windows, And Standard Doors
Steel Frame Building

Enhanced Weather Resistance of 40×40 RV Garage Steel Buildings

Our 40×40 RV garage steel buildings are engineered to offer superior resistance against diverse weather conditions, ensuring your vehicle and belongings stay protected year-round. These structures are designed with durability in mind, capable of withstanding heavy snow loads and hurricane-force winds, characteristic of many regions. 

By incorporating advanced roofing styles and materials, such as galvanized steel for vertical roofs, our buildings provide not just shelter but long-term resilience against the elements. This commitment to robust construction means you can rely on our garages to offer a safe haven for your RV, regardless of the weather outside.

Versatile Roofing Styles for 40×40 RV Garage Metal Buildings

Choosing the right roofing style is crucial for maximizing the protection and efficiency of your 40×40 RV garage metal building. Our selection includes various roofing styles, each designed to complement the structural integrity and aesthetic of your garage while ensuring optimal performance under different weather conditions. 

From traditional vertical roofs that offer enhanced water shedding and snow load capacity to custom options that match your specific needs, our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect roofing solution. These tailored options not only enhance the durability of your garage but also contribute to its overall visual appeal.

Pre-Engineered Custom Metal Garage Building
Red 40 by 40 Steel Building With One 10x10 Door And one Standard Walk In Door

40×40 RV Garage Steel Building: A Shield Against the Elements

The structural design of our 40×40 RV garage steel buildings prioritizes protection against all types of weather conditions. Built with high-quality, American-made steel, these garages are a fortress for your RV, safeguarding it from rain, snow, wind, and sun. 

The strength of our metal buildings comes from not only their material but also from intelligent design choices, including the selection of roofing styles and insulation options that maintain a comfortable internal temperature. Whether facing a mild rainy season or the extremes of hurricane-force winds, our steel buildings stand as a testament to resilience and reliability.

Customizable 40×40 RV Garage Metal Buildings for Every Need

Our 40×40 RV garage metal buildings are the epitome of customization and flexibility. Beyond their capability to withstand harsh weather conditions, these structures can be tailored to fit any use case—from secure RV storage units to versatile commercial metal buildings. 

With a variety of garage door options, roofing styles, and additional features like insulation, your metal building can be designed to meet your exact specifications. 

Our dedicated customer service team is here to guide you through the customization process, ensuring that your 40×40 garage is not only functional but also a perfect fit for your property and lifestyle.

Pre-Engineered Metal Workshop Building With High Clearance Side Entry Doors And Roll Up Garage Doors


Building Custom Metal Structures Is Our Specialty.


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Short turnaround time for drawings.


Full Service

Installation & Coordination in the southeast USA.


Foundation Drawings Included

Customers always receive the foundation drawings.


Premium Quality

Premium Quality Steel & parts.


Safety & Durability

Fire resistant metal buildings last a lifetime.


Cost savings

Much more cost-efficient than traditional wooden structures.


No hidden cost

100% complete quotes.


Quick & Easy

Faster and easier to construct that traditional methods.



Attractive building finish and a wide variety of options and colors.


Maintenance Free

No need to paint or patch.


100% American Made Steel

Supporting a network of American businesses.


Environmentally Friendly

25-35% of our materials are recyclable.

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