40×80 Outbuilding Steel Building Kit

With Maverick Steel Buildings, you can count on top-notch 100% American-made steel building materials. Our prefab 40×80 metal outbuilding kits are built to withstand the toughest conditions out there. So, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, we’ve got you covered!

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40×80 Steel Buildings

Residential Steel Building Applications

Custom Pre-Engineered Metal Garage Building 5 Bays With Roll Up Garage Doors And Side Entry Door


The 40*80 steel building kits spanning 3200 square feet are built using the highest grade American-made steel. From metal barns to storage buildings, or even metal garages, our steel buildings can be customized to your preferences.

You have the option of selecting the size, number of garage doors and windows, color scheme, roof-style, and other standard features for your metal building. For instance, you can add a walk-in door, roll-up door, or vertical roof to this sized building. Customized 40×80 metal buildings are ideal for homeowners and businesses who need more space.


Maverick Steel Buildings provides 40*80 metal buildings that are designed to meet your needs. Our in-house building specialists consider your preferences, as well as the local building codes and requirements.

This ensures that your custom metal structure will have the strength to withstand the wind and snow loads in your region. Metal outbuildings can be utilized as hay storage, breweries, batting cages, cash washes—and anything else you can think of!

They’re simple to put together and keep in working order, and they’ll last you for decades to come. To learn about our standard building packages or custom metal building price, call our customer service team today.


Cost-Effective Solutions with 40×80 Metal Building Kits

Choosing a 40×80 metal building kit from Maverick Steel Buildings offers significant cost benefits over traditional construction methods. These kits are not only more affordable upfront but also save money in the long term. 

The durability and low maintenance requirements of metal buildings reduce ongoing costs for repairs and upkeep. Furthermore, the quick assembly of these kits leads to reduced labor costs, making them a cost-effective choice for both commercial and personal use. 

The long-term savings associated with these buildings make them an economically smart choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient structure.

Design Flexibility: Customizing Your 40×80 Metal Building

The 40×80 metal buildings provided by Maverick Steel Buildings are celebrated for their design flexibility. These structures can be customized to suit a wide array of uses, from warehouses and workshops to retail spaces and barns. 

The customization options, including size adjustments, choice of doors, windows, and color schemes, can vary depending on the specific use and location of the building. This flexibility ensures that each building is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of its users, making it a versatile solution for a variety of applications.

Large Pre-Engineered Metal Building With Custom Roll Up Doors, Side Entry Doors, Windows, Gutters, And Trim
Steel Frame Building

Energy Efficiency Advantages of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings, particularly the 40×80 models, offer substantial energy efficiency benefits. Compared to traditional wooden structures, metal buildings are better at insulating against temperature extremes. 

This efficiency leads to lower energy consumption for heating and cooling, translating into cost savings and environmental benefits. The incorporation of energy-efficient materials and design features further enhances this advantage, making metal buildings an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to wooden structures.

Comparing 40×80 Metal Buildings with Wooden Structures

When comparing 40×80 metal buildings to their wooden counterparts, the advantages of metal are clear. Metal buildings offer superior durability and require less maintenance over time, making them more cost-effective in the long run. 

Unlike wooden structures, metal buildings are resistant to pests, rot, and mold, and are less likely to require repairs due to weather damage. This focus on durability, along with lower maintenance costs, makes metal buildings a more practical and economical choice for those seeking a long-lasting structure.

Pre-Engineered Custom Metal Garage Building
Red 50 by 100 Steel Building With One 10x10 Door And one Standard Walk In Door

Rigid Frame Construction: The Backbone of 40×80 Buildings

The rigid frame construction is a key feature of Maverick Steel Buildings’ 40×80 models. This construction method provides exceptional strength and flexibility to the structure. 

Rigid frames allow for large, open spaces without the need for interior supporting columns, maximizing the usable area within the building. This type of construction not only enhances the structural integrity of the building but also allows for greater design flexibility. 

Whether you’re planning a commercial warehouse or a large personal workshop, the rigid frame ensures that your building can handle various demands and adapt to different uses.

Long-Term Benefits of Investing in a 40×80 Metal Building

Investing in a 40×80 metal building from Maverick Steel Buildings brings numerous long-term advantages, both for businesses and personal projects. One of the most significant benefits is the remarkable durability of these structures. 

They are designed to withstand the test of time, resisting wear and tear much better than traditional materials. This means less money and time spent on maintenance and repairs. Furthermore, metal buildings retain their value over time, ensuring that your investment today remains a valuable asset in the future. 

The long-term financial and practical benefits make these buildings an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dependable, long-lasting structure.

Interior View Of Pre-Engineered Metal Building With High Clearance Steel Beams And Custom Windows
Pre Engineered Metal Building With Covered Outdoor Space, Lighting, And Roll Up Doors

Tailoring 40×80 Metal Buildings to Local Climate and Regulations

Maverick Steel Buildings understands the importance of tailoring your 40×80 metal building to suit local climate conditions and adhere to building codes. 

The design of each building takes into account local factors such as wind and snow loads. This ensures that your structure is compliant with regional regulations and capable of withstanding local environmental challenges. 

This customization is crucial for the longevity and safety of your building, providing peace of mind that your structure is built to last under specific local conditions.

Discover the Potential with a 40×80 Metal Building Kit

Are you ready to unlock the potential of a 40×80 metal building kit? Contact Maverick Steel Buildings today to start your journey. Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way, from understanding your needs to delivering a practical and efficient building solution. 

Whether it’s for business, storage, or personal use, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life with a building that meets your specific requirements. Don’t wait to explore the endless possibilities – let’s create something great together!

Pre-Engineered Metal Garage Building With Roll Up Garage Doors


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