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At Maverick Steel Buildings, we specialize in crafting 40×60 metal outbuilding kits using premium, American-made steel. These prefabricated kits are engineered to offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring they stand up to even the most extreme conditions with ease.

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40×60 Steel Buildings

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Red 40 by 60 Steel Building With One 10x10 Door And one Standard Walk In Door


Our prefabricated 40 x 60 metal outbuildings are made to fit the demands of their intended field. These 40*60 steel building kits span 2,400 square feet and are customized to meet your application. Whether you need a metal barn, barndominium, auto shop, church, or even a metal garage.

You may personalize the design and features of your steel structure, such as size, number of doors and windows, colors, roof-style, and so more. The best part is our lead times are 3x faster than our competition. So you can have your dream building up and running in no time!

The strength and durability of our 40×60 steel building kits are unmatched. Our buildings are made with high-quality, heavy-duty steel components that are rust-resistant and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. This means your building will last for years to come without the need for constant maintenance.


We offer custom 40*60 metal buildings tailored to your building project. Our in-house expert engineering staff considers your requirements including the eave height, as well as local building code and restrictions while designing the 40×60 metal building.

To meet the criteria of your region’s building codes, you must choose a metal that is suitable for wind and snow loads. This ensures that your bespoke metal building kit will be sturdy enough to endure the most severe winds and snow load in your area.

The type of building we offer is simple to put up and maintain, so it’ll last for years without issue. To know about our base building package and the per square foot building cost of customized steel buildings, call us today.

Pre-Engineered Metal Garage Building With Roll Up Garage Door, And Standard Doors
Custom Pre-Engineered Metal Garage Building 5 Bays With Roll Up Garage Doors And Side Entry Door

Understanding Metal Building Cost and Value in 40×60 Kits

The cost and value of 40×60 metal building kits are fundamental aspects to consider. These kits are not just economically advantageous in terms of upfront expenses but also in long-term value. 

When compared to traditional construction methods, metal building costs are often lower due to streamlined fabrication and reduced material waste. 

Additionally, the durability and low maintenance of these buildings contribute to their overall cost-effectiveness. Investing in a 40×60 kit means choosing a structure that delivers both quality and affordability, ensuring a sound investment for years to come.

Exceptional Customer Service: Guiding You Through Every Step

At Maverick Steel Buildings, exceptional customer service is not just a promise – it’s our standard. From your first inquiry to the completion of your project, our team is dedicated to supporting you at every turn. 

We understand that building a metal structure is a significant undertaking, and our goal is to streamline this process for you. Whether you’re navigating building permits, understanding what your specific building requires, or determining the right specifications for your project, we’re here to provide clear, expert guidance. 

Our team is well-equipped to answer any questions you may have and provide insights that vary depending on your unique needs, ensuring a hassle-free experience and a successful project outcome.

Steel Frame Building
electrician installing steel building electrical switchboard

Integrating Electrical Wiring in Your 40×60 Metal Building

Effective integration of electrical wiring is a critical aspect of your 40×60 metal building. Our team helps you plan the layout and functionality, so you can take into account the building’s intended uses and electrical requirements. 

This careful planning ensures that all your electrical needs, from lighting to power outlets for machinery and appliances, are handled with precision. We understand that each building project has different electrical demands, and our approach varies depending on those specific needs. 

By customizing your building with suitable wiring, outlets, and switches, you will ensure a functional, safe, and efficient metal building environment, compliant with all necessary building codes and regulations.

Accommodating Heavy Equipment in 40×60 Steel Buildings

Our 40×60 steel buildings are expertly crafted to accommodate heavy equipment, making them a top choice for industrial and commercial applications. Designed with strength and durability in mind, these structures can handle the weight and dimensions of large machinery with ease. 

We factor in load-bearing capacities and accessibility requirements, ensuring that your building is equipped to store and operate heavy equipment safely. The adaptability of these buildings allows them to meet a wide range of needs, which can vary depending on your specific business operations or personal projects. 

Whether it’s for storage, workshops, or manufacturing spaces, our buildings are tailored to fit the demands of your heavy equipment and enhance the functionality of your space. Contact our team of steel building experts to learn more about how you can get started and price your steel building!


Adhering to Code Requirements in Metal Building Construction

In the construction of your 40×60 metal building, adhering to local building codes is not just a formality—it’s a cornerstone of our design process. At Maverick Steel Buildings, we ensure that every building is engineered to meet or exceed these essential standards. 

This commitment provides you with a structure that is safe, durable, and legally compliant. Understanding and incorporating local regulations, such as specific wind and snow load requirements, is crucial for the success of your building project. 

We focus on these details to ensure that your metal building stands up to environmental challenges and regulatory scrutiny, giving you peace of mind about the integrity and safety of your investment.

Understanding Labor Costs in Erecting 40×60 Metal Buildings

The assembly of a 40×60 metal building is a significant aspect of your project, and labor costs play a crucial role in your overall budget. These costs can vary depending on factors like the complexity of the building’s design and local labor rates. 

By comprehending these influences, you can better manage your budget and keep your project on track financially. 

At Maverick Steel Buildings, we connect you with experienced industry professionals in your area who specialize in erecting metal buildings. They can offer accurate labor cost estimates and assist in budget planning, ensuring a smooth construction process with no hidden surprises.

land grading for steel building construction (5)
Interior View Of Custom Pre-Engineered Metal Multi-Bay Garage Building With High Clearance Steel Beams

Customizing Your Building: Size and Features That Meet Your Needs

Customizing your 40×60 metal building to fit your exact needs is a significant advantage of working with Maverick Steel Buildings. Our prefabricated kits offer a high level of customization, from modifying the size to choosing doors, windows, roof styles, and color options. 

This flexibility allows you to tailor your metal building for its intended use, whether for storage, commercial operations, or other applications. Our buildings’ durability, low maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness add to their appeal. 

With Maverick Steel Buildings, you have the opportunity to create a metal structure that not only meets your functional requirements but also aligns with your aesthetic preferences and financial considerations.

Start Building with Maverick Steel Buildings Today

Are you planning to embark on a 40×60 metal building project? Don’t hesitate – reach out to Maverick Steel Buildings today. Our team of seasoned experts is ready to guide you through every phase of your project. From the initial brainstorming and design process to the final touches of installation, we are committed to assisting you at each step.

Let Maverick Steel Buildings be your trusted partner in this exciting journey. Together, we will transform your vision into a tangible, functional, and enduring structure. Start your project with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you have the backing of Maverick Steel Buildings – a brand synonymous with quality, reliability, and affordability.

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Building Custom Metal Structures Is Our Specialty.


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Fire resistant metal buildings last a lifetime.


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Faster and easier to construct that traditional methods.



Attractive building finish and a wide variety of options and colors.


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Environmentally Friendly

25-35% of our materials are recyclable.

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