Steel Barndominium Kit Prices – What Do They Mean?

Pre Engineered Metal Building With Covered Outdoor Space, Lighting, And Roll Up Doors

Building a barndominium is a complex process, although the total cost and advantages still outweigh the cons. The solid metal barn not only allows you to build your dream home on a budget but also gives the ultimate benefit of building a barn style house in less than a month.

You may have searched “barndominium kit cost” and got oscillating quotes, but you need to understand not every steel house kit offers a similar structure and exterior; therefore, a barndominium kit price varies according to the features it provides.

While an average barndominium kit costs around $50,000, it can be as low as $20,000 and can rise to $90,000 depending upon the style, features, and size of a barndominium.

If you are still wondering what goes into building a steel barn home that makes up the total barndominium kit price, keep scrolling, and you will find out.

What Is Included In a Barndominium Steel Building Kit?

Most steel kit companies deliver your ordered kit to the location you are building the barndominium. The kit price does not include shipping charges, and the cost of delivering the kit to any site depends upon how far or close it is to the manufacturing plant.

On average, a barndominium kit includes:

  • Pre-engineered metal roof
  • Metal walls
  • Exterior doors
  • The windows
  • Insulation ( may or may not be included)
  • A tool kit list (items that you need to buy in order to build the barndominium)
  • A complete step-by-step instruction guide

Besides the barndominium kit, there are other things that you need to be hands-on if you are planning to DIY a barndominium, and these are;

  • Electrical wiring
  • Insulation kits
  • Plumbing material
  • Cement
  • Interior décor items ( toilet, sinks, bathtubs, cabinets)
  • Sanitary stuff
  • Pipes and drainage system

Remember that a barndominium kit does come with a metal roof; however, it does not include the concrete slab that you will place your building on. Keep in mind the cost to lay a concrete slab when you are calculating the net cost to construct a barndominium.


Many factors influence the cost effectiveness of a steel frame barndominium home kit – from interior and exterior building material costs, to wood framed interior living quarters, and more. Let’s go through each contributing element to help you decide on a barndominium in your budget and perhaps even help you save some money without compromising on your dream living space.


The barndominium kit price varies greatly according to the size. There is, of course, a huge difference between the price of an average medium-sized 1,800 square foot barndominium and a posh 4,000 square foot luxury barndo. A huge barndominium requires more walls, ceiling beams, joists, and windows which is the main factor behind the increasing price.

Whether you want to build a single-story barndominium or wish to add more floors further influences the total cost.

Building a barndo is a one-time investment, so if you have plenty of space along with a budget to invest in a huge-sized barndominium kit, ordering a metal kit with additional rooms is highly recommended.


Where you are planning to construct a barndo influences the price of a barndominium kit as the shipping cost may vary based on the location. If your manufacturer is located in the countryside, but you want to build the barndo somewhere in the city, the cost to deliver the kit will increase and vice versa.

Some companies offer standard shipping charges regardless of location, which may help control the price so talk to your manufacturer beforehand.


You may wonder how one manufacturer sells the 1,800square foot barndominium kit for $20,000 while the other is charging $80,000 for the same size. The type and quality of metal also adds to the total barndominium kit price.

It does not necessarily mean that higher prices are associated with better quality; rather, you will have to do a little homework before ordering a barndo kit. Look for a manufacturer who offers high-quality metal frames at an affordable price.


The more windows and exterior doors you want in your barndo, the greater the barndominium kit price will be. Exterior doors and windows require metal paneling and framing, which increases the cost of adding them to the kit. However, more windows equate to greater exposure to sunlight and oxygen, so do not hesitate to invest in it.


Customized roof design with huge ceiling beams can be custom ordered with the barndominium kit. The gigantic roof is the signature of the barndo. It may look incomplete without the sky-high roof; however, which ceiling you want to add depends on your style preference and budget.

For instance, if you plan to cover your garage with the roof, it will ultimately increase the total cost of the barndominium kit.


Barndominium kits may seem expensive, but the total cost from buying the metal kit to building the whole barndo is still a lot less than constructing a traditional style home. The barndominium is a modern alternative to eco-friendly housing and offers a wide array of possibilities, provided you get one from an established and reputable manufacturer.

Maverick Steel Buildings has a proven track record in creating and constructing gold-standard, high-quality barndominium kits at an affordable rate. The quality of metal kits made by us always exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Your selected barndominium kit will be delivered and unloaded safely at your desired location. Contact us today to get your barndominium kit along with the details of a professional general contractor near you.