9 Factors that Affect Cost to Build Warehouse with Steel Building Kit

Building a Warehouse: An Estimation Guide

If you are looking to build a warehouse, the cost is one of the most important factors. Maverick Steel Buildings has been in the industry for many years and has helped many businesses save time and money when it comes to their property investments.

The average cost of construction for a storage warehouse, distribution center, or another type of warehouse will depend on various factors including the cost of land, the cost of steel (which changes daily), labor costs (both temporary and permanent) as well as hiring a contractor for your construction project.

Read this blog post to find out some tips that can help you estimate how much it would cost you!

Learn More About the Costs of Building a Warehouse

So – how much does it cost to build a warehouse? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. There are a number of factors involved in answering the question, including how large your building is going to be and what kind of warehouse you want. Many business owners consider applying for a construction loan to offset finance costs – although not all take this route.

A new warehouse structure must protect a company’s assets by safeguarding both short- and long-term materials and products. When it comes to picking material materials for a new warehouse, a business owner must carefully consider his or her options.

The type of material you choose has a big influence on the long-term costs. Builders today agree that going with all-steel construction is your most cost-effective option long term. Metal buildings are strong and durable as well as resistant to fire, heavy wind, pests, mold, and other destructive forces.

Below we will go over the 9 most important factors that will affect the cost of a new warehouse build. Take a close look at each factor so you are able to give a good estimate of the cost to expect.

Steel Frame Building Progress Photo In Industrial Setting

Locate Land for Your Warehouse Before Building a Warehouse Can Begin

You’ve heard it before – location, location, location. For your warehouse project, you need to find the right spot and make sure the cost is feasible. The cost of land can vary greatly, depending on where you are looking to purchase a property.

If you’re lucky enough to find a plot with no zoning restrictions and ample space for your warehouse, the cost could be much lower than if you have to pay for an urban area or industrial district.

The Cost of Steel Building Kits

The cost of steel building kits can vary, depending on the supplier you go through. Maverick Steel Buildings is one of the most cost-effective suppliers in the market – our prices are always updated to reflect the current cost of steel.

With a company like ours, you’re guaranteed to get top-of-the-line products that cost less than our competitors. Our team works closely with you to determine the architectural design and square footage of your warehouse – this process is designed to save you time as well as save money!

Cost of Warehouse Construction & Labor Costs

The cost of hiring a contractor to build your warehouse is one expense you can’t avoid, so it’s important to choose the right company for the job when considering how much building materials will cost. The cost associated with workers varies greatly depending on whether or not they are permanent or temporary.

If you plan to hire local laborers, the cost will vary depending on where your warehouse is located and what kind of labor market it has. If you choose a professional contractor to build the structure for you, make sure they are not only skilled but cost-efficient as well.

Concrete Costs

Even if you’re going with a steel structure, it’s necessary to have your warehouse built on a concrete foundation. The cost of the base will depend on what kind of footing system you pick as well as how many square feet are included in your plan. For example, a 12,000 square foot warehouse would be significantly cheaper than one that is 100,000 sq. ft.

The cost for pouring and finishing is not included in most estimations because there are too many factors involved. Your contractor can give you an estimate of cost depending on the size and type of footing system that is needed for your project.

leveling concrete for steel building foundation

Anchoring Your Warehouse to Keep It in Place

Even though steel structures are very strong, they still need reinforcing materials to ensure the roof isn’t blown away or damaged by high winds, heavy snow, or earthquakes. Many warehouses are anchored to the ground with concrete anchors, which increases the cost of the project.

The cost for anchoring your warehouse will depend on how large it is and what kind of soil you have at the construction site. If your warehouse is in a hurricane zone, make sure to factor in this extra cost when budgeting.

Interior layout & Pallet Racks

The cost for interior layout and pallet racks can vary greatly, depending on the supplier you go through. You’ll want to ensure your shelving is up to par and able to withstand the weight of the pallets you’ll be stocking.

If you want a steel structure with cost-efficient interior layouts, Maverick has an excellent variety of options from which you can choose. We have everything from wide-open clear-span spaces for maximum storage capabilities to small areas ideal for offices or mezzanines.