How Much Does It Cost To Construct a Barndominium?

steel barndominium kit

Barndominium steel houses are largely trending. With over eighty-five million views on TikTok of #Barndominium, it is enough to establish how many people are interested in owning a Barn-style metal building.

If you are someone who wants to know what Barndominium actually is and how much it can cost to construct a Barndominium, stay with us. We are going to disclose the inside cost of a barndominuim house.

While there is no one-word answer to the question in debate, a rough estimate of the average cost to construct a barndominium ranges between $20-$90 per square foot. The total price per square foot includes barndominuim steel kit, construction labor, the land, concrete slab, floor plan designs, utility hookups, and other materials.

Let’s do an in-depth dissection of the total cost to construct a Barndominium.


Barndominium is a cross between a barn and a condominium. Combining the individuality offered by a condominium and old-school style goodness of a barn- barndominuim provides an elegant and quick solution to those who want a traditional-looking huge barn with a contemporary course of action.

It’s an environmentally friendly steel frame home and a relatively low-cost option as compared to traditional housing.


Traditional houses are built with bricks, cement, concrete, and steel pillars, whereas a barndominuim is comprised of the pre-engineered steel frame. These stand-alone units offer spacious living and the freedom to refurbish your interior as many times as you wish.

The metal partitions inside the house can be shifted accordingly, unlike a traditional house in which walls once built cannot be moved. With a barndominuim, you have an option to create a master bedroom and a small living area one day or an enormous living space for a friend’s reunion with a small cozy bedroom another day.

A Barndomiuim costs much lesser than a traditional house which usually costs a fortune and is less durable than a barndominuim.


Multiple factors are involved in the cost of building a barndominuim.

  • The Land

Most barndominuim are built in the countryside of the states. However, you can make yours downtown as well, depending upon the state laws. Countryside land costs cheaper than the downtown, so the first thing you need to consider before setting an ideal location to build a barndominuim is your budget. The average house size across the US is approximately 8600 square feet, but for building a barndominium, you may require an even larger space.

  • Barndominium Steel Kit

Then comes the most important factor – the barndominium kit itself. Several barndominium kits are available in the industry, starting from $10 – $60 per square foot. Going through the price range of a metal frame home kit might confuse you as there seems to be a huge fluctuation. The price of a steel building kit involves charges according to the style, finishing, and rooms the buyers choose. It further oscillates due to the quality; thus, it becomes hard at times to find a gold standard barndominium construction kit at an affordable rate.

  • The Labor and Assembling

The assembling and installation of a barndominium require material and labor services. Some people try to install it on their own; however, hiring labor saves not only your time but also provides greater finishing. Labors are trained; therefore, they offer better assembling and installation of a metal home. The cost of labor to build a barndominuim lies between $15 – $50 per square foot.

  • Cement and Equipment

Installing a barndominium kit requires cement and similar tools that are required while installing a farm. The metal walls, panels, joists, and ceiling beams are not easy to install thus require extensive work. A rough estimate of the material cost varies between $10 – $70.

  • Other Utilities

Gas, electricity, sewerage system, and water drainage system approval and installation also involve a hidden cost rounding off to $400. That is assuming your land has utility hookups installed and ready to go. Installing a septic system, electric hookup, and a well can easily cost 10s of thousands of dollars more.

  • An Authentic Contractor

You are making a mistake if you think building a barndominium is just like assembling huge puzzle pieces. Rather, it requires extensive work and perfection; otherwise, you will end up with a place that requires frequent maintenance at a significant price tag. Installing walls and ceilings with utmost perfection, painting the walls, building drywall, and installing insulation systems require professional skills that only a dedicated contractor can offer.

steel building erecting


Here is a rough estimate of the total price tag to build a barndominium of your dreams.


$1,500 – $4,000+

Barndominium Kit

$20,000- $90,000+


$5,000 – $20,000+


$20,000 – $60,000+


$4,000 – $12,500+


$1,100 – $2,400+


$3000 – $11,900+


$2,600 – $13,500+

Metal Framing

$10,200 – $25,000+

Going through the detailed discussion, you must know how much you are expected to pay if you plan to construct a Barndominium complete with living quarters. However, the prices fluctuate vastly due to the different companies that are offering Barndominium steel kits.


While the cost of barndominium construction depends upon the quality of the barndominium kit and the skills of a general contractor, cheap quality kits can further add to the price as these kits require routine maintenance.

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